Our modern lifestyle, eating habits, work pressure and environment impact and affect us in more ways than ever think or can imagine. Working for a corporate house, I was always under mounting pressures for deadlines and tasks to do. All this while, I never cared about my health or the adverse impact my lifestyle and working environment was having on me. I came face to face with the problem of early age white hair. I am young and having white hair already was an alarm to wake up and pay attention to self.

How to fix the problem of white hair?
A Dermatologist Dr. Shatish sharma  suggested a few simple measures and tricks:

1. Eat healthier and exercise more often to keep a balanced body and ensure I get the good hormones working for me and reduce the mounting stress levels

2. Set stringent work hours and stick by them

3. I Take care of my hair by using mild shampoos and take it easy on hair treatments like coloring, dyeing them, etc

4. Use hair straightener and hair dryers with caution and in moderation. If I have to use the dryer every time I take a head bath, I should keep the air a little less hot

5. Prefer a hair spa over any kind of treatment